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Real Time Transactions

Land transactions are cumbersome process of documentation, over blockchain it eases the process digitally, in complaince with Indian Land Regulatory system


Real Time Trails 

Investigating Old records for Lands is complicated process, with blockchain "Proof of Ownership" become easily accessible and verifiable to Buyers, Banks, Sellers


Fraud Proof Management

Single verified Proof of ownership and with digital custodianship recififies the fraud possibilities like Double Selling or Double Hypothcations with Banks

Proof of Digital Ownership

DocsinBlocks Provides the Digital Proof as Asset and Registory Document stored in the Unique Wallet

Fast transactions 

Along with the Tradition Documented Land Transaction, Execute the Faster Digital Asset Transfer of Ownership on Blockchain

Easy access to Trails 

Loans Access requires history of years together, which is comusome in present structure


Fast Verifications

Ownership verification become much easier and faster on Blockchain, Trust is generated overcoming the hidden surprises at times

Trust Builder

NON Duplicatable Property Asset & Single Transaction rule is followed, restricting the scope of fraudulent trasactions

" 15CsQVpKLaPZLr9Dtopb5qkd32koBZ5WXTv8Ko "

this becomes the Wallet to store the Digital Asset along with the Digital Documentory Proof of Ownership

Why BlockChain for Real Estate?

A blockchain-secured record-keeping process will collect, store and provide access to information quite differently than a conventional process. After reaching consensus on what constitutes a valid record, market participants use cryptography and consensus algorithms to create or modify records. In a public blockchain like bitcoin, all participants are allowed to create or modify the blockchain, while in a private blockchain, like what has been envisioned for land records, only select participants are given that responsibility. New information is chained to the old entry, ensuring that a trail of changes to a record is established since its creation. There is no need for a central authority to keep records as they are distributed across a system of networked computer nodes. All participants can see and use the latest version of the record without relying on anyone else. In short, data stored using blockchain is secure, transparent, easy to access, and hard to dispute.

BlockhChain has already proven the string use case in real Estate. Governments are pushing various levels to implement the Blockchain in Land matters. On the Other hand builders is the community which is serving the Nation by making housing projects available. Few Bad sheeps has given the BAD name to entire community of Builders and so builders today have to prove their strength and legitimacy of their work. Blockchain can play vital role in ganering the lost TRUST among the Buyers, wherey they themselves can verify the PROOF of OWNERSHIP of the Property and can verify the history themselves. Honest Builders can showcase the entire Project over Blockchain along with history of the transactions.

Individual Buyers adopting Blockchain to create the Proof of Ownership will help them to retain or transact the property in more Trusted manner, in Complaince with the Regulations. It will also help identification of Real Estate as collaterals while taking Loans from Banks. Its will ease up the process and provide the Security against any Fraudulent Attempts.
Digital Asset any Real Estate is NON-DUPLICABLE and hence easily verificable where as Documentory Evidences are forgable.

Blockchain Complaints Projects


DocsinBlocks offers various services of verified and trusted Land Transactions for Builders. If the Builders accept the technology and apadt to transaction they an honest Builder should do. Blockchain will help them all in managing the Digital Proof. Genrating trust among the Buyers of Plots, Flats or Commercial Properties. The real time Information will help them so.

Blockchain as Technology is Powerfull to restrict the hidden agenda of Fraudulent transaction to happen.

Individuals can create their Digital Proof of Ownership, which will be verified by DocsinBlcoks with State Regulatory authorities. Digital assetisation will be helpfull to maintain the trails of transactions and is complaint with Indian Regulation

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DocsinBlocks Property registry and catalog

When property transfers are secured by the blockchain, we no longer need to rely on a trusted
party to verify them. However, an associated between a particular property and a genesis
transaction output becomes the weakest link.
Use of the Bitcoin blockchain


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