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What is DocksinBlocks ?

Docsinblocks is the first decentralized document management platform secured by the blockchain technology. We allow the user to manage all his documents digitally for ever. Data stored on Docksinblocks is immutable and thus highly secured and no one can delete it or change it.

Smart Use Cases

We make your Documents SMART

Always know where your docs are & know they are safe, Keeping your important documents safe when moving jobs, home or country, whether by choice or necessity (war or natural disaster)

Just Simplify your life

Land & Assets Records

Real Estate Landchain

KYC Records

Financial, Investments & Insurance

Employer or Business Records

Medical or Travel Records

Our Benefits

No matter where you go – SMART Files will chase you

Whether it’s your music collection, home videos, your resume, or your important work docs, have them in your
pocket whenever you need them.

Powerful and Simple

Open your Smart Document Saving Wallets Accounts

We make your documents smart documents with Blockchain based technology. Just open a smart document saving wallet with powerful features, you will not find anywhere else. Simplify your workflow while sharing audio, video, photos, docs, or media files

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This become your Secure Document Wallet. It powers to own, manage and communicate their digital identities in the safe manner. So what are you waiting for? Just create an account and save your documents forever

Stay tuned with updates!

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Get started As Enterprise

DocsinBlcoks will be providing Solution for Corporates, Enterprises & Government for Security and Confidentiality & Immutability of Vital Information.

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